We Are Infinity Band

We Are Infinity Band


Tiina Heiska (b.1959, Finland) 

Helsinki-based artist Tiina Heiska’s work revolves around the concept of identity focusing on perception, transformation and desire. She’s dealing with the meaning of identity through questions into the realm of sexuality, age and gender, as well as the process of an origin of a painting. A constant dialogue between photography and painting has always prevailed through Tiina Heiska’s production. As her painting technique she uses oil on canvas. The artist herself feels enthralled by the phenomena of the fast movement caught in the photo changing when rendered through the slow and lasting medium of painting.

In addition to her numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland, Tiina Heiska has had several solo exhibitions all over Europe. Her work is represented in the public collections of Helsinki City Art Museum, Amos Andersson Art Museum, Finnish State Art Collection and Sara Hildén Art Museum among others. In 2008 she was shortlisted for the prestigious Sovereign Art Prize.

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